SKYMAG 2020 cancelled

Dear colleagues

As you all know the outbreak of the coronavirus, the situation is evolving extremely rapidly and this makes the organization of any types of events, being scientific or anything else, very uncertain. Indeed, I have not received yet any strict restriction neither from my CNRS institution nor from the place where the workshop should take place which would stricly speaking not impede yet the organization. However, I am quite sure that this might change within the next days. Moreover I have been contacted already by several potential participants telling me that they might be impeded to travel to Paris by their institution.

In consequence, I believe, even if it is a real pain, that the best decision is to cancel the SKYMAG 2020 workshop that was scheduled between April 6-9, 2020. Depending on the evolution of the situation with respect to the coronavirus, I will try to do all my best to only postpone it and find some new dates just before or just after this summer. I will keep you informed asap. In case it will be too complicated, I have also started to see whether I could find a way to organize a web-conference, unfortunately limited to the invited and oral presentations!

Because the final registration (with payment of the fees) was not yet accesible, there is nothing to do with respect to this. In case you need any official letter from the organization committee for the cancellation of your travel ticket, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With kind regards,
Vincent Cros
On behalf of the organization committee