Keeping the spirit of the three previous editions of SKYMAG (2014 & 2017 & 2020) we are pleased to announce the workshop  SKYMAG 2024  that will take place in Paris from Monday 28 October to Wednesday 30 October 2024.

The workshop will address the recent advances in the field of topological magnetic textures, and in particular the static and dynamic properties of skyrmions and antiskyrmions in ferromagnets and antiferromagnets,  the emergence of new skyrmionics materials,  novel 2D and 3D topological structures as well as the applications of these magnetic textures.

The aim of SKYMAG 2024 is to gather leading scientists as well as young researchers over three days, with invited talks and contributed oral and poster sessions that will help to promote stimulating exchange and discussions.

The list of invited speakers together with the details concerning registration and abstract submission will appear soon.

We are delighted to organise what we hope will be a fruitful gathering of the different communities working on topological magnetic textures and we look forward to seeing you this Autumn in Paris!

The SKYMAG2024 Organising Committee

Vincent Cros, Stefania Pizzini, Stanislas Rohart, Nicolas Reyren, Margaux Monvoisin

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