Practical details

If you registered but have not received the email with the meeting details, check your spam mail or send an email to


As an entirely online meeting SKYMAG 2021 will use the video conference software Zoom. All registered attendees will receive a link to the Zoom event a few days before the workshop. You will have to register to the Zoom event to be allowed in on the day of the workshop.

In order to avoid unwanted guests, you are asked to use your first name and last name (i.e. not a pseudo) to attend the Zoom event.

The host will only allow into the Zoom session the people whose names have been registered.

Rules of conduct

During the talks all microphones and cameras (except for the speaker, of course) will be switched off by the host. If you have questions during the presentation, please ask them using the chat. Other people from the audience may provide an answer (using the chat too). After the talk, the chair person will pick some questions and ask them to the speaker.