Registration azur-colloque

Pre-registration is open.


  • Fee for permanent researchers and other: 250€
  • Fee for non permanent researchers: 150€ (max 60 persons)

This fee includes a printed abstract book, coffee breaks, and access to the workshop cocktail. However, the fee will not include any full meals.

Please note that due to a high amount of non-permanent researchers willing to register, it was decided that ONLY 60 PhD students / postdocs from public institutions will benefit from a reduced registration on a first-come-first-served principle. All other participants will need to pay plain registration fees 250€.

All participants need to register online through the following website:

Note that registration involves 4 steps:

  1. Pre-registration: participants are required to fill in their contact details on the registration website (see link above).
  2. Selection of the participants by the organization committee
  3. The selected participants will then receive a confirmation email.
  4. Full registration: this email will provide a link toward payment to complete the registration process. Note that there could be some time delay before this confirmation email is sent.

Registration will only be completed after payment.

 On-site payment will not be possible.